Application Description

"Motivate" is your personal advisor on physical activity to stay active. You can get all kinds of ideas about active living at work, at home and in various surrounding environment.

Don't know where to go on a sunny Sunday afternoon? "Motivate" will provide you with suggestions about green places or events to go!

Spring is in the air, it’s time to go outside and get some tan!

Application Demo

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★ Location-based activity ideas

★ Green places exploration

★ Personalized events alert

★ Future activity planning

Look for participants

Currently we are investigating the feasibility of the application and if it can motivate participants to become more active. Therefore we are looking for participants who meet the following requirements:

★ have an Android phone

★ live and work in Eindhoven or surrounding area

★ work at least 4 days per week

Interested in trying out this application?

The feedbacks of participants will be collected for 5 weeks. All results will be treated anonymously and for scientific research purposes only.

You can Register here

After you receive an email from us with your user name and password, you can start to download and use the application.

You can also Check videosfor more information about Motivate.

About us

I am a PhD student working at Design systems of the department of Architecture, building and planning in Eindhoven University of Technology.

For the research of “spatial context sensitive recommendation system for health promotion” we have developed an Android application “Motivate” that provides users with personalized advice about physical activities in the urban environment in order to improve their lifestyle toward healthy living.

For questions please email to